Chief Guy R. Sipe

North Shelby Fire Vision Statement
The North Shelby County Fire and Emergency Medical District was founded in 1978 to provide fire protection and emergency rescue to North Shelby County residents located generally in the area bounded by the Cahaba River, Interstate 65, Oak Mountain State Park and Highway 280.

Our mission is to provide high quality fire protection and emergency medical service to our residents; to achieve and maintain the most attractive ISO rating for residential structures so that homeowner fire insurance premiums are minimized; to maintain a dues structure comparable to other similar service providers; and to provide educational and other services to the north Shelby County area.

We work constantly to earn the respect and trust of all parties with whom we interact by acting fairly and honestly. We are committed to excellence in all of our activities. We maintain a high respect for people – their dignity, their talents and their interests.

We recognize that success in all of our activities is related directly to the talents, dedication and performance of our employees throughout the District.