Doxo payments will be honored on the “created date”. Please note that if you have created the payment on or before December 31st, there will be no penalty for the payment arriving after January 1st. Also, if your payment is late, we will honor the “created date” before placing a lien.

No doxo payment fees will be refunded should North Shelby Fire District need to refund the payment. (Example, your mortgage company sent a payment that was posted to your account first so we will refund your payment. Doxo only sends us the payment, they keep the fees.)


Welcome to the North Shelby Fire District website. I hope you find this website to be both functional and informative. To pay your invoice, please use the Business Office tab.

North Shelby Fire District covers 26 square miles. We respond to an average of 1750 fire/medical calls per year and provide emergency fire protection, advanced life support medical care, and limited hazardous materials responses. We also provide non-emergency services such as pre-incident planning, fire prevention classes, CPR classes, and child safety seat installations. The Fire District is governed by a five member Board of Directors and operates from funds generated by billing each structure within the district a yearly service fee. North Shelby Fire District is comprised of 34 Firefighter/Paramedics working out of three Fire Stations and an Administrative/Office Manager for the Business Office located at Station One.

North Shelby Firefighter/Paramedics are dedicated to providing the best firefighting and medical care available. We achieve this goal by continually striving to improve upon education and training. Firefighting is a physically demanding job. North Shelby Firefighter/Paramedics realize this and strive daily to stay in great physical shape. Our physical fitness program is very unique in that all firefighters are tested semi-annually to measure physical fitness and are awarded for staying in superior shape.
We are also very proud of the automatic aid and mutual aid agreements with surrounding Fire Districts and Departments. These agreements allow the citizens of the Fire District and neighboring cities to receive emergency fire protection and/or medical coverage from the closest fire station regardless of jurisdiction boundaries.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. It is my privilege to be your Fire Chief.

Eugene “Buddy” Tyler



The mission of the North Shelby Fire and Emergency Medical District is to protect life and property by providing professional fire protection and emergency medical services in a progressive, cost effective and community oriented service.


Unwanted Drug Disposal Box

North Shelby Fire District in cooperation with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department has installed an “unwanted drug disposal box” at Fire Station 1. The box allows the public to dispose of unwanted drugs from their home in a safe manner that is not harmful to the environment. The box is similar to a postal drop box and is secured with a locking device so that disposed medications cannot be assessed by the public.